Brodinski wants the best of everything

French playboy/producer Brodinski has released a free two part mix that showcases his two musical loves: electro and hip-hop.

The music is probably overshadowed by the outstanding artwork, which shows a bling-laden Frenchman wearing a silly t-shirt and living the highlife. Brodinski’s love for all things crunk is well known, with the young producer known to throw down the odd hip-hop set on special occasions.

Things are indeed looking golden for the 23 year old, who has already released EPs on Mental Groove and Turbo and curated one of Bugged Out’s Suck My Deck mixes.

You can stream or download the techno/electro side below:

BEST OF EVERYTHING – ‘The Electro Side’ by BRODINSKI by brodinski-boe

Same deal with the hip-hop side (mixed with the help of DJ Orgasmic) here:

BEST OF EVERYTHING – ‘The Hip Hop Side’ by BRODINSKI & DJ ORGASMIC by brodinski-boe