Juno Plus Podcast: DarkStarr

DarkStarr is what happens when Ashley Beedle and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy team up and do their psychedelic disco-tech thing.

The duo recently released a superb little mix compilation featuring the likes of Blackjoy, Sidwho? and Still Going, and to celebrate we’ve talked them into knocking together a podcast, which you can download for free right here.

DarkStarr’s Juno Plus podcast tracklisting:

1. Afrikanz On Marz – “The Road We Travel” [Suspension Recall Mix] (Out Here Audio)
2. Sombrero Galaxy – “Journey to the Centre of the Sun” (ESP)
3. Ray Mang – “Stealing Love” (Mangled)
4. Coyote –“Moving” [Still Going Remix] (International Feel)
5. Salvador Santana – “Don’t Do It” [DarkStarr Remix] (Bitches Brew)
6. Visitors – “Ledger”(Disques Sinthomme)
7. Bison feat Ursa– “Way to LA (Night)” (Claremont 56)