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Featured DJ Chart: Ilija Rudman

With his native country absent from this year’s World Cup, Croatian disco jock Ilija Rudman has wisely used the time that would have otherwise been spent propped up in front of the TV to prepare this superb Juno Plus featured chart. From the porno vibe of Dub Versions “Boogieeasy” to the dark and dubby feel of the Beautiful Swimmers’ “Oh Yea”, there are some hidden gems lodged in Ilija’s scrupulous selection. Enjoy…

1. Dub Version – Boogieeasy (Special Kind Of Dub)

“I’m a sucker for these kind of grooves, I could listen to this all day long –  morning, afternoon or evening.  Perfect melody with a full on porno vibe.”

2.Bonar Bradberry – Carlos The Jackal (Red Music)

“Nothing much to add on this one, except this is a very good re-do. Will fill any dancefloor.”

3.Loud E – Robolove (Ambassador’s Reception)

“After this one entered my record bag it never left!”

4. Ilija Rudman . Call Me Tonight Vol 2. – Remixes (Red Music)

“Some great remixes here, I’m drawn to them by some special stellar force!”

5. Ilija Rudman – Time and Time (Electric Minds)

“It’s Electric Minds, ladies and gentleman – enjoy.”

6. Beautiful Swimmers – O yea (Future Times US)

“This is just another groove that got me moving in all directions. It’s simple, it’s dark , it’s dubby – I can’t resist it.”

7. Das Volt – Gestures (Late Night Audio)

The quality of this, prodction and music wise, is without question one of the best things I’ve heard in the past year. Top Notch – but you already knew that.”

8.Rhythm Based Lovers – Boogie Vision (Future Times U)

“My first thought after listening to this  was, “this is perfect”. And till this day, in my opinion it remains perfect.  The production and minimal approach to the funk music is something that you can’t beat …. So good.”

9.Phoreski – Lonely Man (Barefist)

“What can I say about Phoreski? I love everything he does.”

10. Woolfy – Oh Missy (extended version) (Rong)

“You know those tracks that you just cant stop playing over and over.  This is one of those, extended for maximum pleasure!”