Juno Podcast: Dubstep 25

This latest Juno dubstep podcast kicks off with the title track from Guido’s epic debut album, Anidea, and from there it takes you on a swift ride through the week’s hottest releases from the world of bass.

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Juno Dubstep 25 – click “buy on juno” for full tracklisting by junodownload.com


1. Guido: Anidea – Punch Drunk

2. TKR: Polar – Stoke Audio

3. Ill Gates/Mutt: Tekdub – Tube10 Holland

4. Flyman: Nemesis – Believe Electro France

5. Plannas: Look into my Eyes – Immerse

6. Keosz: Beyond Recall – Owntempo

7. L-OW : Scattered – Lejal Genes Estonia

8. Jay Robinson: The Moon (clangers) – Monkeybeats

9. Slin: Creepah – Lejal Genes Estonia

10. DFRNT: Dark Jazz (DJ Madd remix) – On The Edge