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Featured DJ Chart: Trickski

Trickski are, to use a well worn phrase, so hot right now. The Berlin-based duo (real names Yannick Labbé and Daniel Becker) have just dropped the Warm Up EP on Freerange offshoot Delusions of Grandeur, and it’s been rapturously received by members of the slow, sleazy-does-it deep house community. Renowned for DJ sets that touch on not just deep house but elements of disco and techno, we were intrigued as to what they had in their record bags this month. So we shot off a speculative email, and the results were fascinating, with the duo offering Juno Plus a detailed insight into their top tunes for April.

1. Trickski – The Warm Up EP (Delusions of Grandeur)

“This is a special one for and by us. It describes the moments of the night that we appreciate the most as DJs: the warm up and the early morning. Both are warm ups, in a way. The first warm up is the time when the DJ paves the ground for the rest of the night and creates a special mood. This part of the night is important, you can’t just play slow tracks but also the most interesting and playful tunes. You don’t need to be functional, even though this track is “The Warm Up,” it is also exactly what we love to play: deep, rough, heavy, slow house but with an extra bit of sexiness and laziness! “Sunbeams In The Sky” is pretty much the opposite – a track for the early morning hours (even though you can also play it early at night or in a disco set). Somehow to us it is like when you feel the first sunbeams on the skin, when all thoughts and feelings are loose and nothing really matters anymore, when there is nothing but this very moment – all in one track. And on top of that one of our favourite producers – CB Funk – did an amazing job with his remix of “The Warm Up”. We especially like it because he left the four to the floor path and gave the whole track a shit load of funk: drums, claps, musical bassline, bounce – all in the warm up feel. Boom! Love it!”

2. Chopstick & Johnjon – Friday Night Lights EP (Suol 013)

“The Suol label honchos kick off their new imprint with three wonderful tracks plus a remix of “Clear Eyes” by us which – admittedly – was done pretty quickly and rough. But we think that is the deep and very sweaty charm of it. Some say it is a bomb, but actually we don’t want to talk about the remix, just the originals. “Full Hearts” is a heavy and deep hypnosis – repetitive, moody, somehow spooky and it just keeps growing… and growing, and growing. Throw on some French vox on top, drum rolls (not the cheesy kind) and a late, but extremely effective hi-hat, and you’ve got a track that will stay in our box for a long time. The original of “Clear Eyes” has a beautiful warm and analogue sound to it and feels somehow like a fresh spring breeze. If you don’t have Suol on your radar yet, you should! If we could write about the unreleased stuff here, we would since all their upcoming stuff is full- on dope quality.”

3. Ryo Murakami – Lunch of God EP (Quintessentials)

“Both of us have been fans of Ryo Murakami for quite some time now. I guess many know him and his stuff already. “Debths” is another killer – super deep, super basic and still with everything a proper deep house tune needs. All the sounds in this one are just perfect, the room feels like it is wobbling and lots of analogue strangeness and noise gives it the extra warmth and excitement. On a proper system it simply blows us away – tenderly. Much respect Ryo!”

4. Penner & Muder – Presence Of Another Man (Wazi Wazi Music)

“Another one from Berlin and another one on a new label from the neighbourhood. Nils and John hit the bulls eye with this one. We included “The Presence…” in our latest podcast, and ever since people have been begging us to pass it on, reveal it or play it. Massive and extremely soulful vocals (from the Motown crates, right?), deep and reduced drum programming and a repetitive bassline will tear every house floor apart. The best time to drop this one might be after playing pretty hard. Once “The Presence Of Another Man” is on, the sun is coming up, goosebumps for everyone!”

5. Sascha Dive – Jus Groove (Tsuba)

“There is no need to talk about Sascha Dive. He’s just got it as a producer. Thus the original here is quality and ready to roll. For us, it is just amazing to see the legend Chez Damier to be back. His versions of “Jus Groove” have everything, that’s we love about American house music, it seems hard to produce that sound on this side of the ocean. Pumping, warm, soulful, funky (no, not “that” kind of funky), deep and super sexy. If it was up to us, the track would never stop. Timeless and classic house music.”

6. Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation (Editainment)

““Gin Nation” is not the newest release, but we think it is the perfect disco edit, full stop! It’s always working, always gets the ladies on the floor. No need to say anymore.”

7. FCL – Vocals For Everyone EP (We Play House Recordings)

“Lately the beautiful and very humble country of Belgium seems to be on fire when it comes to house music. A prime example is the We Play House label and their very rough and American sounding output. “Let’s Go” is a very 90s sounding old school deep house bomb with a classic organ hook. A bomb.”

8. San Soda/Just Nathan – Lany 3 (Lany Recordings 003)

“More from our shy neighbour, Belgium. Lany Recordings is another label that seems to do everything right at the moment. San Soda and Just Nathan keep it super-heavy and powerful. A little more of a touch of Detroit that we all love so much at Mensen Met Lekkere Dorst and a lot of punch and slap at Wasmachine turn this 12″ into a sure shot for us. Trickski loves Belgium.”

9. Johannes Albert – Wooden Pearls EP (White)

“Another superb deep house EP on White. This EP is so on the money that it is hard to believe Johannes Albert is new to the business. People say it’s soulful, catchy and sensitive at the same time. Stomping pianos, smooth vox and a classic beat seems to be everything you need. His “Three Way Handshake” is a bit more complicated but just as good. In some way it bounces magically without turning into one of those UK tech house bouncers that…. nah, I don’t wanna get into that! Well done Johannes! Wooden Pearls is a grown up yet very playful package.”

10. DJ Kaos, Holger Zilske & Daso – Hello Spring EP (DIYnamic Music)

“Not everything that has been released lately on DIYnamic has been exactly our cup of tea. This one is for sure though. DJ Kaos, who we did not expect to become part of the DIYnamic family, delivers something very special. “Hard To Earn” is nothing but an old school Chicago house anthem with beautiful vocals, plus dirt, balls and just enough raw euphoria, that only house music can deliver. At the same time there’s not too much of it either, which can destroy the best tune. If hands are not in the air playing this one, it is definitely not your fault, it’s the crowd! Solomun strips everything down, builds things up a lot more carefully, turns it around by using rockish snares and gives you the opportunity to play this in a totally different context. Beautiful!”