Juno Podcast: Disco 10 (Faze Action)

DJ Kaos, Ron Basejam and a killer 40 Thieves remix all pop up in Faze Action’s latest Juno podcast, showcasing the best of what’s been a stellar week on the disco circuit.

The Clone Loft Series scores a special mention here, with the Dutch label scoring three tracks in the mix, from Beggar & Co, Putsch and DJ Kaos.

You can subscribe for free in iTunes here or buy the individual tracks in the mix from Juno Download here. Alternatively, you can stream the whole thing for free on the Soundcloud player below – easy!

Juno Disco 10 – mixed & hosted by Faze Action by junodownload.com


1. Oby Onyioha: Enjoy your Life – Felyr

2. Ron Basejam: For the people By The People – ISM

3. Johnny Dynell: Jam Hot 40 (Thieves dub) – Smash Hit Music US

4. Cole Medina: Red Hot (original mix) – (Internasjonal Norway)

5. Motivators: Jobu (Reverso 68 remix) – Here & Now

6. Putsch 79: Samasavel – Clone Loft Series Holland

7. DJ Kaos: Rough Side – Clone Loft Series Holland

8. Beggar & co: Somebody Help Me Out (Elitechnique mix) – Clone Loft Series Holland

9. Richard T Bear: Sunshine Hotel – Jubilee Germany

10. SFPV: Dakar Sound (SFPV edit) – Partay

11. Marcos Cabral and Shux: Lifetime Groove – On The Prowl