Various – Dessous Best Kept Secrets Volume 2

Artist: Various
Title: Dessous Best Kept Secrets Volume 2
Label: Dessous
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
Format: CD, 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records (CD, 12″ Sampler), Juno Download

Steve Bug’s Dessous imprint is one of the best and most consistent deep house and minimal labels going. On Dessous Best Kept Secrets Volume 2, the follow up to 2007’s first instalment, they prove it yet again with a compilation that charts both the current and future sound of the label. Full of emotion, warmth and soul, the release serves as a true indication of the label’s ethos as a whole and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

David Durango has been making impressive appearances on Dessous and Poker Flat of late. So much so that the young half Swiss, half Spanish producer was chosen to open this compilation with the first of his three offerings on the release. “Juegos Fantasiticos” opens proceedings with some warm, deep house that sounds as comfortable as it does laid back. “Striptease” showcases Durango’s more upbeat side before “Human” delves into a minimal aesthetic courtesy of deft high end percussion, low bass squeezes and acute phaser work.

Alongside smooth, chord-laden house like “Le Groove Rhodes” from Rene Breithbarth and Claire Ripley’s “Labyrinth” we get the techno influenced twisted synths of Moodymanc’s “Omlette” and the darker more driving sound of “Merise” by Andrade. “New Road FM” by Burnski brings the groove with some cosmic, jacking twists and Graeme Park closes the release with his slo-mo house remix of Ryo Murakami’s “Just For This”.

Dessous Best Kept Secrets Volume 2 takes you on a delightfully soulful and rhythmic journey of their label. Although the compilation never strays too far away from their signature sound nor breaks any new barriers, it does an expert job of bringing you the vintage and emotive deep house that has made the imprint so special in the first place.

Review: Tom Jones