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ARP & Anthony Moore – Frkwys Vol 3 review

RVNG INTL rose to prominence with some under the counter mix CDs from Brooklyn icons like Mike Simonetti and Tim Sweeney back in 2004/5 with unique tracklistings that toook in krautrock, post-punk, disco pogo and techno, matched by lovingly crafted cover art.

The label has also built a reputation for staying at least two steps ahead of any musical curve. Perhaps noting that all good things come to a trend, the much loved RVNG OF THE NRDS series of primarly disco edits, which began in 2006 with Tim Sweeney and took in the cream of the cowbell crop (including In Flagranti, Jacques Renault and Greg Wilson) was put to bed after Pilooksi’s contribution on vol 10.

And so we turn to their lastest project, FRKWYS, in which contemporary artists are invited to collaborate with their musical icons. The first edition, Vol 2 (the reasons for which cannot be explained within the constraints of around 300 words) featured NYC types Excepter going toe to toe with Throbbing Gristle and Meat Beat Manifesto with typically industrial results.

This should not pre empt your expectation of Volume 3, a collaboration between legendary pianist Anthony Moore and Alexis Georgopoulos (aka ARP). What entails is a very sombre and reflective collection of tracks that vary between original exercises in minimalist drone, exemplified perfectly on the opening track “Yesterdays Psalter” and reworkings of Anthony Moore’s compositions from the 60s. One such example of the latter, “Piano Waves” provides the highlight of the release, in what is little more than 11 minutes of haunting delayed piano.

Long term devotees of the label will no doubt snap up the 500 vinyl copies lovingly presented by RVNG afilliates Will Work For Good in little time, but people new to the imprint and interested in this collection of tracks should not feel too dissapointed with mere digital versions as FRKWYS vol 3 makes for perfect headphone music.

Review: Tony Poland