Juno Podcast: Dubstep 21

Our latest dubstep podcast is online now, featuring the stripped down, techy and outright in-your-face tracks that have been doing the business on Juno Download this week.

You can subscribe for free in iTunes here and buy the individual tracks featured in the mix from Juno Download here.


1. J Kenzo: Tropic Thunda – Argon

2. To Rococo Rot: Fridays (Shackleton’s West Green Road remix) – Domino

3. Scuba: Triangulation – Hotflush Recordings

4. Aftermoon: Stay In Mood – Tube 10 Holland

5. Hinzy D: Exess 24 – Dub Injektion

6. Section 8: Risking It All – Gamma Audio

7. Cardopusher: Taken FOr A Ride – On The Edge

8. Excision & Endophyte: Aliens – Dubline

9. Matt U: Heads Up – Scum

10. B1t Crunch3r & Gravity: Segfault – Gamma Audio