Sinden & SBTRKT’s Debut on Grizzly

Graeme Sinden’s brand new record label, Grizzly will see its debut release next month from The London-based producer.

Sinden himself alongside elusive masked man SBTRKT (remixer of Basement Jaxx, These New Puritans), got working on an exciting collaboration with their release ‘Midnight Marauder’, out on April 19th. A dancefloor, peak time track, it’s a difficult one to pigeon-hole, you have to hear it to believe it. On the flip,  ‘Kind Of Familiar’ is a different Grizzly beast altogether. Deeper sounds are explored, with cosmic twinkles and melodic chords paired with a whispering female vocal.

The second Grizzly release will be from everyone’s best-loved French producer and DJ, Brodinski with ‘Arnold Classics’, with a number of remixes from the likes of Tony Senghore, Egyptrixx and DJ Sega, before Sinden returns to his roots with his Count and Sinden project, whose debut album is due out on Domino in Autumn 2010.