Juno Podcast: Dubstep 20

Juno Download presents the 20th in the series of their industry standard dubstep podcasts

You can stream the mix free from iTunes here and buy the individual tracks charted in the mix here.


1. Badawi: Dstry Prfts (Shackleton remix) – The Index

2. Grouch: Final Breath (feat Chop Dog) – Bassweight

3. Furesshu: 1993 – Project Squared

4. Lostlogic: Resistance – Dubextent

5. The How Screw: Keep The Fire Burnin (Lennon rerub)

6.  Janner & Acky: Ophelia – Haunted Audio

7. Benga: Killers About – Planet Mu

8. Oh Tebins: Tear It Out – Alterkation

9. Ben Verse: Flip The Coin – Wheel & Deal

10. Distance: Beyond – Chestplate