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Featured DJ Chart: DJ 3000

With his Galactic Caravan album remixed by the likes of Dan Curtin, Alexander Robotnick and Ben Sims, and a new single set to drop this month, Detroit techno producer DJ 3000 is hot property at the moment. Read on to find out his top tunes for the month, along with insight into why they are a favourite in his record bag.

1. Kardinal – Kamikaze (Sweetpeak)

“I really like this song, cant realy explain it other than it just that funky top end it like.”

2. Riot Edits – Skinny O (Rio Edits)

“Everyone is doing edits these days but not this genre and this one is done really well!”

3. Bruce Ivery – Track 1 (Stilovemusic)

“Another edit record, but track one is funky and dirty. This will work really well in any set.”

4. Gerald Mitchell – Strongholds (Cast Em Down) (Still Music)

“Mr. Mitchell really pushing the boundaries here. I think most people will overlook this song but it’s a tune I have been playing for three years and trust me, its works. This man makes nothing but hits!”

5. Vino – 303Love (DJ 3000 re-edit) (Motech)

“Vino is a new artist on my label that is really talented and makes some of the best house/tech house music right now. He just has this sound that is simple and funky. Of course I did a re-edit too!”

6. Andre Lodemann – Still Dreaming (Freerange)

“I am really into the original mix of this, but it’s a bit slow for me. However once I speed it up it really has a lot of energy and it kills!”

7. Fer Br/Luky R.D.U./ Peppelino – Braz (P Series)

“This entire record is dope. This is the kind of record I love to play, very percussive and full of breaks and fills. I don’t have a favourite here because they are all killer tunes.”

8. Cirez D – Glow (Mouseville)

“This is crazy because I never bought anything on this label before but now I have this “Glow” tune in my bag and it is superb.”

9.  Gaspard De La Vega – Paraguayo (OUrvision)

“Have to admit I’ve never heard of this artist or label but who cares – it’s a dope record!”

10. Koljah – Pasewalk (Vidab)

“This label releases some cool stuff, and this track is just put together the right way. It has a nice bassline and stabs, plus good percussion.”