Video: A-Trak & Chilly Gonzales

DJ A-Trak has posted a video of a recent live show with renowned pianist and electronic music lover Chilly Gonzales.

Gonzales is on tour with his “piano talk show”, in which he collaborates with artists as diverse as Jarvis Cocker, Sia and, most recently, A-Trak.

Here’s what A-Trak had to say about it: “Often times it’s the casual shows, the “oh I’m just doing this on the side for fun” shows that end up being my favorite ones. Maybe it’s because I love to improvise. Or maybe it’s because these are shows I do with my friends, which is fertile ground for creativity. Last year it was my set at the Do Over. This year so far, my favorite performance was this little guest spot I did at Chilly Gonzales’s “Piano Talk Show” at Joe’s Pub in New York last Thursday. It was barely rehearsed, only 15 minutes in length, and we were both coming in from long flights with little to no sleep.”