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DJ Hell feat. Bryan Ferry – U Can Dance review

Artist: DJ Hell feat. Bryan Ferry
Title: U Can Dance
Label: Gigolo Germany
Genre: Electro house/Electroclash
Format: 7″, 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

What happens when two legends from different music scenes come together? “U Can Dance” is the interesting result of the long awaited collaboration between DJ Hell and Bryan Ferry. The two men who have been supplying us with a variety of music for a couple of decades make a golden team: Bryan Ferry, best known as the singer of Roxy Music and responsible for many pop songs that have been listed in the UK Charts since the seventies, turns out to be an unexpected fan of dance music. It is also surprising that DJ Hell, who has been supplying us with many tunes and club bangers since the eighties, has chosen to work with Ferry, whose unique voice might seem more suitable for pop songs than dance music.

The result is a 10 minute mellow track that has a subtle build up and climaxes nicely. Bryan Ferry’s voice might take some getting used to on a track like “U Can Dance”, but it undeniably grows on you. He is accompanied by well mixed female vocals as well.

Contrary to what the title suggests, the original song is not designed for the dancefloor but the single comes with five different remixes that definitely are. Two of them are by Detroit producer Carl Craig, who mixes in a subtle beat that makes you want to move. Former (or so we are to believe) DFA man Tim Goldsworthy has also carved out something nice from the original, adding a swinging electronic drumbeat and eighties synths. London-based duo Simian Mobile Disco have proven themselves to be true masters of mixing yet again, turning “U Can Dance” into a pulsating peak time tune.

Review: Janna Willems