Abakus – Prisms review

Artist: Abakus
Title: Prisms
Label: Modus
Genre: Electro house/Electroclash
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

Available first here on Juno Download, Prisms is the third album from Abakus, aka Russell Davies (son of The Kink’s Dave Davies no less). Having previously worked with Killing Joke producer Youth on more ambient and downtempo pieces, Prisms shows a lot of development from his last release, The Jaguar EP. There’s a nice melting of genres at work here as opener “Control” shows – a perfectly structured tech house tune with some super slick filter rises.

In fact the album shows off some impressive production skills all round, with the off-the- hook Electro of Glamour definitely a highlight. Rocket however has a lush sun-kissed synthpop feel to it, complete with old-school drum fills tastefully added for full effect. Slam on the other hand is minimal and seriously hypnotic, a real throwback to Techno’s early roots in German motorik bands like Neu! and Kraftwerk. Album closer Voodoo is right up to date though, a smart piece of Breakbeat complete with bowel-rumbling bass and lovely reverbed percussion. All in all, Prisms is a beautifully produced album with as much range as any dance music fan could want.

Review: Oliver Keens