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Tiga – Sex O’Clock remixes review

Artist: Tiga
Title: Sex O’Clock
Label: Turbo
Genre: Electro house/Electroclash
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

2009 was a watershed year for the Turbo label, fronting up massive releases from the year’s big winners – Zombie Nation, Proxy, Brodinksi and, of course, Tiga himself. The Omnidance compilation was a veritable who’s who of this year’s popular techno-banger sound. Whether you’re a disc-carrying convert or not, you can’t but admire Turbo’s relentless release schedule.

Turbo swing right into the twenteens with a remix EP of Tiga’s “Sex O’ Clock”, a new single lifted from last year’s Ciao. However the title and Tiga’s Shoe-like vocals, belie the brooding, twisting house of this release. Eschewing the original, three musical polymaths, each with roots in DIY techno and analogue machinery, have contributed a new remix for this EP.

Jamie Lidell cuts and thrusts through feral, fuzzy synths. Just a slight hint of Lidell’s  stage show funk shines through the fog. Messy, exciting electro-funk.

Matias Aguayo, owner of up-coming label Comeme, flattens things out. Supplanting the original’s stabbing, acid vibes with Argentinan street rhythms and warm, analogue tones, it keeps to Aguayo’s tested formula. Any fan of Comeme’s 2009 releases will find something here.

Trevor Jackson, wearing his Playgroup house moniker, injects an extra level of driving acid groove, building up into spooky, Blade-running synth pads. All sass has been stripped away from the vocals. This is a twisting grind into moody realms of big room acid. Totally hypnotic and equally pumping. Grab the dub if you’re not into Tiga’s trademark vocals.

Review: Duncan Byrne