Tiger & Woods – Caddy Shag EP review

Artist: Tiger & Woods
Title: Caddy Shag
Label: Editainment
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: 12″
Buy From: Juno Records

The electronic music loving and buying public like nothing more than a mystery identity producer. Actually, scratch that, they like nothing more than endlessly speculating on the internet about the true identity of a mystery producer. Currently occupying the space formerly kept warm by the likes of Fake Blood, Monarchy, Silver Columns et al are Tiger & Woods.

Alleged to be the handy work of an established producer, Tiger & Woods first came to the fore in late 2008 with the Hole In One EP which was a masterclass in the art of chopped up disco, getting props from the likes of Turbo artist Matt Walsh.

This talent for emphasising the thump in disco is matched by a sense of humour and appreciation of good cinema. All are very much in evidence on Caddy Shag, only the second Tiger & Woods EP which of course not only gives a sly nod to the Rodney Dangerfield classic but also a cheeky reference to the current front page malaise being suffered by Tiger & Woods golfing namesake.

“Gin Nation”, a superlative dubbed out take on Imagination’s “Music & Lights” has already been given the Tensnake seal of approval after appearing on the German’s excellent contribution to the R******t A*****r podcast and is backed by “Deflowered”, a much more straightforward housier edit which loops and filters in all the right places – DJ Sneak would be proud.

Review: Tony Poland