A-Trak sets record straight

A-Trak has refuted suggestions he is producing Madonna’s latest album, after DJ Mehdi jokingly referred to a possible collaboration in a recent interview with Dummy Magazine.

The internet was awash with rumours this week as several high profile sites picked up the story, with one newspaper even fabricating quotes from the one-time Kanye West DJ.

A-Trak released a statement saying: “Those Madonna rumours started from a joke my boy DJ Mehdi made in an interview. Then it spread to Madonna fan-sites. Then the Daily Star fabricated a quote from me. Next thing you know it was on NME and MTV. I’m not opposed to the idea, but it’s all fiction for now. By the way, DJ Mehdi is producing the next Britney record.”

Good to see he retains a sense of humour – and for those interested in what A-Trak is really working on 2010, check out our recent interview with the Canadian star.