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Review: Peverelist – Jarvik Mindstate

Artist: Peverelist
Title: Jarkvik Mindstate
Label: Punch Drunk
Genre: Dubstep/Grime
Format: CD, 3xLP, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

The perfect accompaniment to a summertime nap, Jarvik Mindstate will lull you to sleep with an erratic sequence of numbing industrial drones and wails before drawing you back to consciousness with its more rigid, upbeat second half. It’s an exercise in structuring as Bristol’s Tom Ford aka Peverelist deftly manoeuvres his crisp percussion and playful synth lines off the expanse of space he creates with every pulsing echo.

A key figure in Bristol’s flourishing dubstep scene with specialist label, Punch Drunk Records, under his wing, the softly-spoken Ford produces the ultimate hybrid of dubstep and techno, the offbeat tendencies of the former held firmly in line by the latter’s unremitting flow.

Aptly named after Robert Jarvik, the American scientist who developed the world’s first artificial heart, Ford’s debut full-length throbs moodily through opener, “Esperanto’s”, lonely horns and “Bluez’s” mismatched organ jabs to “Yesterday I Saw The Future’s” delightful seagull chatter and the melodic trip that is “Infinity Is Now”. Of particular note is the haunting “Revival”, which sees fellow Bristolian, Pinch, inject his eerie, psychedelic vibe through the halls of this looming, abandoned mansion of a track. With Jarvik Mindstate, Peverelist proves himself to be the most delicate of innovators.

Review: Bec Crew