Review: In Flagranti – Sounds Superb Volume 6

Artist: In Flagranti
Title: Sounds Superb Vol 6
Label: Codek
Genre: Disco/Nu Disco/Re-Edits
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

The imperious In Flagranti continue to channel their love of obscure 70’s danceteria, imaginary bands, anagrams and disregard for copyright laws with this, the sixth installment of their Sounds Superb series of edits. The somewhat murky nature of these releases means that the original source material is never disclosed, which delights the countdown loving disco trainnspotters and frustrates music reviewers in equal measures.

The standout track on vol 6 is “Psuedo Wind” by Sanda Doris, with a typically percussive beat combining with a vocal sample familiar to fans of L-Vis 1990’s best work before dropping into a male vocal cover version of Diana Ross’s wedding disco classic Upside Down.

The spirit of Melvin van Peebles is channeled throughout Exotic’s “Sip Lace”, a moog heavy blaxpoitation funkateer that is perfect early set fodder. “Fried Fence” is further demonstration of the Brooklyn duo’s penchant for slap bass and rough vocal editing and “Calico Quiver” takes the disco to the Carribean with a steel drum heavy two minute track that drops in disco strings to perk things up.

Review: Tony Poland