Review: Various – Kitsuné Maison Volume 8

Artist: Various
Title: Kitsuné Maison Volume 8
Label: Kitsuné
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: CD, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Now in its eighth volume, the Kitsuné Maison series has carved its niche scooping up electro talent from across the globe, a feat that is becoming increasingly difficult in a day and age when the public can watch every part of a bands (often awkward) gestation on the internet, and the hype surrounding new artists has reached unsustainable levels.

Still, each Kitsuné compilation has unearthed a gem or two – the Mogs’ “Kelly Blame” from Kitsune X release being a prime example – and it’s often the little oddities that make these compilations a worthy addition to the collection.

This latest effort is a shamelessly uplifting affair, seeing the catchy pop of British upstarts My Tiger My Timing and Chew Lips nestled alongside Siriusmo’s thought-provoking electronica and sweaty dancefloor fodder from the former Riot in Belgium man Beni (touched up by Harvard Bass).

There’s some highly-anticipated new material from Melbourne trio Midnight Juggernauts, with “New Technology”, the first single of their upcoming album, a notable inclusion. Meanwhile the lo-fi stylings of New Jersey’s Memory Tapes has to be one of the album’s highlights.

Only time will tell how this will stand up against previous Kitsuné releases – it’s always interesting to note which acts become huge and which drift into obscurity – but it’s a safe bet a fair smattering of these artists will go on to bigger things.

Review: Aaron Coultate