Review: Datarock – The Pretender

Artist: Datarock
Title: The Pretender
Label: Nettwerk
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

An anthemic discofied romp is the latest offering from Datarock’s sophomore album, Red, and it’s coming to bore a hole in your head to settle in for days.

That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, though, considering how fluent these permanently tracksuited Norwegians are in the language of hooky melodies and unforgettable lyrics (a night flight to Uranus anyone? No?).

While their vocals tend to have a novelty feel about them, the pair’s impeccable production work always carries them across the line, making The Pretender a catchy little single.

But the remixes are where things really get interesting. DFA’s Holy Ghost! of course turns the handclap funk-disco aesthetic way up, while airy Brooklyn trio, Chairlift, opt for a more synth-heavy feel, serving up an unpredictable, momentarily jazzercised rendition.

And finally, some moody vocals, cosmic loops, and house piano stabs see CFCF bring some subtle drama to this surprisingly versatile single.

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