Review: Proxy – Who Are You?

Artist: Proxy
Title: Who Are You?
Label: Turbo
Genre: Electro House
Format: 12″, Digital

Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Enigmatic Moscow producer Proxy must be every audio engineer’s nightmare. His new EP, as usual, shows little regard for small PA systems. “Who Are You” stomps off with a tribal bounce, before slamming into Proxy’s signature subby drawl.

All the while a vocal hook regurgitates itself over the cacophony. Simple stuff that will deliver for any big-room jock at bass friendly venues. Watch that gain knob… “8000” is Proxy’s own Eastern Jam. Sub-continental sitars and flutes syncopate over a crunchy, up-tempo bass line.

When that descending scale of screeching bleeps kicks in, this track absolutely takes off. Definitely the pick of the bunch, so don’t waste it on your iPod.

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