Review: 2562 – Unbalance

Artist: 2652
Title: Unbalance
Label: Tectonic
Genre: Dubstep/Grime
Format: CD, LP, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Plunged into the deep ocean where lonely sonar pings play off the rhythmic ticks and pulses of underwater traffic is where Dutchman, Dave Huismans, introduces us to Unbalance. As the second album under his dubstep alias, 2562, Unbalance sees Huismans fuse together industrial percussion sweeps and deep, nimble bass notes with the kind of elegance not fully realised in his debut album, Aerial.

Where Aerial felt sparse, Unbalance is richly textured, and there’s a newfound confidence here which has Huismans experimenting with the construction of imagery and melody, and it makes for a truly engaging experience. The standout is Lost, a soundtrack to those humid nights filled with insects whirring through gently clanging wind chimes, Huismans’ skipping bassline offset by the repetition of some neatly muffled vocal loops. This is thoroughly addictive stuff.

Review: Bec Crew