Parrish Smith craves Stillness & Secrecy

Watch a psychedelically-charged video for the Dutch producer’s long-awaited debut on Knekelhuis.

Arrving slightly later than originally announced, Parrish Smith’s Virgin Of The World 12″ is due out imminently on Amsterdam’s house of horrors Knekelhuis and is heralded by a video for lead track, “Stillness & Secrecy,” directed by Amsterdam-based visual artist Kevin Bray. Available to watch in full below, the video unfurls like a late night saunter through an unspecified urban tunnel just as the effects of some indulgence in magic mushrooms take hold. For further context on the track and the video, the artist Parrish Smith has the following to offer:

“The track was made in a difficult period of time when I had to face some serious personal issues. It’s about living with secrets and living with certain issues in while remaining in silence. weird times. When I think about music it’s connected with images and memories. I wanted to translate this through a visual video clip. The video is created in a tunnel.. seeing this as the time I was pretty naive and couldn’t get out of it. All the stones and rocks stands for willpower, history and about how we are, we never change in a way.”

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