Commend commence Sides with John Also Bennett

The Forma band member kicks off a new series of audio excursions from the “gravitational center of the RVNG universe.”

Depending on how plugged into the RVNG universe you are, you may or may not be that familiar with their latest endeavour, Commend. Housed in down town Manhattan, Commend is the most physical extension of the RVNG Intl operation which in their own words “supports a community(/ies) of artists and craftspeople by offering mindfully selected items and ideations accompanied by purposeful editorial, placement, and events.” A new year has seen Commend launch a new open-ended audio series called Sides which will see friends and family take up the invitation to travel inside their collections and to the outer realms of music exploration.

The debut ride comes from John Also Bennett of Spectrum Spools and The Bunker New York act Forma, who is seemingly also a key figure behind the scenes at RVNG Intl. His hour-long mix can be streamed below and takes shape as a contemplative selection featuring tracks by Popul Vuh, Phillip Glass, Harold Budd and more.

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