Listen to DJ Sotofett and Brian Not Brian in the mix

The Sex Tags man features on the latest Going Good HQ selection. 

Not that it needs proving Brian Not Brian and DJ Sotofett are eclectic selectors, but it’s nice to be reminded how deep, playful and strange, to outright obscure, both can get behind a pair of turntables and a mixer. This recording from a February night in Brixton, London, provides the Going Good HQ mix series with a sixth session – this one called On The Left Of It – and will be solace to anyone unable to attend the pair’s recent takeover at Stoke Newington party Bixon. Some of the stranger moments on this selection include excerpts from a radio show where a caller explains the symptoms of a five year old sore throat, to live blues recordings, an abundance of tribal percussions, dub, salsa, minimal wave and jazz.

It’s safe to say Juno Plus HQ will be playing this throughout the day! Should you be hungry for more of that Going Good vibe, check out the podcast the label did for us last year and read the recent review of the Mind Miniatures mini LP from Mood Hut troupe Aquarian Foundation that the label issued last month.

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