Drvg Cvltvre – American Psychosis [Part 1]

Life is all about choices and living with the consequences of these choices that we make. At some point a few years ago, Dutch producer Vincent Koreman decided to focus on his Drvg Cvltvre alias, a project dedicated to what he describes as ‘doom disco’. This writer feels that the title ‘doom jack’ might be more appropriate, but let’s not split hairs over words. In any event, the move seems to have paid off, with Koreman putting out material on Viewlexx – a rare honour for any producer – as well as Pinkman, his own Snug Life/New York Haunted imprints and now Shipwrec.

Drvg Cvltvre - American Psychosis [Part one]
Drvg Cvltvre
American Psychosis [Part one]
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Like some of the Nation family’s releases, the strength of the Drvg Cvltvre project lies in its ability to turn existing tropes into something new and exciting (or freaky). That Koreman manages to achieve that in area that is so long established and currently so overpopulated is testament to his capabilities. Let’s take it for granted that both “Acid Flash” – credited as a creative standoff between Koreman and UK producer Chris Moss Acid – and “I’ll Wear Your Face on A Chain” are served up with layers of gurgling, liquid 303 lines.

What’s more interesting is the context in which they are used. “Acid Flash” sounds like it has been pitched down, the concrete slab beats still hitting with sluggish intensity and the oppressive bass containing the kind of menace you see in a doped tiger’s flickering eyes. Even the snares crash in slow motion. The opposite approach is audible on “I’ll Wear Your Face On A Chain”. Here, Koreman uses up his camp quota; mock horror vocals intone the track’s title, eerie synths swoop in like half-starved vultures and tough 909s provide the rhythmic support.

Maybe Koreman is having a laugh at the myriad of ‘back in the day’-style releases, but irrespective of his motives for working as Drvg Cvltvre, he is providing some great entertainment in the process.

Richard Brophy


A1. Acid Flash (feat. Chris Moss Acid)
B1. I’ll Wear Your Face On A Chain

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