Stream the new HATE tape

Modern Love are previewing Andy Stott, Miles Whittaker and Gary Howell’s 40 minute soundsystem session.

The three mainstays of the Manchester-based label collaborated on a series of anonymous 12″s under the HATE banner that surfaced between 2008-9, with the material apparently consisting of unreleased, original junglist hardcore recorded to DAT tape and dubplates during the early ’90s. The project was put to bed as their respective solo endeavours gathered speed, but earlier this year the trio were invited to perform in Sweden as HATE, and elected to record the session that consisted of entirely unreleased material. As was widely reported yesterday, Modern Love have pressed up the session for a limited and really rather tempting cassette release, and those with fluctuating emotions over whether to indulge can have their opinions swayed one way or another by the stream of the full 40 minutes of Side A below.

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