Steinberg Halion 4 released this week

After causing ripples of excitement at this year’s Musikmesse conference, Steinberg have announced  the long awaited fourth incarnation of their Halion software will hit the stores this week.

Halion 4 attempts to combine cutting edge sampler technology with the flexibility of virtual analogue synthesis. Supporting the new VST 3.5 standard, the new Halion is fully compatible with Halion 3 and contains an updated version of Megatrig, which allows the user to create unique playing styles, articulations and conditional triggering more easily and without page-filling scripting. We also see the advent of the Flexphraser arpeggiator module, which is based on Yamaha’s Motif Technology and designed for playing and manipulating  complex instrument patterns.

Halion 4 also boasts a  state-of-the-art mixing engine with powerful routing options for complete control over your signal flow with virtually no restrictions and unlimited-busses. In addition to this, Halion ships with countless loops and instruments, more than 1,400 programs and 850 layers, 1,500 Yamaha FlexPhrases plus audio effects such as high-end reverbs, delays, modulation effects and dynamic processor.

The official release date is June 14, 2011. [Find out more at Juno]

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  1. Wavatar Michael says:

    Don’t see the need for Halion anymore now that ableton is out