Roman Flügel reveals his Fatty Folders

Dial Records will release a full length album from one of Germany’s most respected producers, Roman Flügel.

Entitled Fatty Folders, the 11 track selection features a sprinkling of tracks from his two previously released Dial 12″s (Brasil and How To Spread Lies) alongside a clutch of new productions.

The bespectacled producer has been enjoying a fine 2011, with well received EPs on Live At Robert Johnson and Dial, as well as a couple of sprawling house odysseys with Ricky Villalobos.

During a career spanning nearly two decades, Flügel has worked under a myriad of pseudonyms including Eight Miles High, Soylent Green, Sensorama and Alter Ego, and also co-founded the Ongaku, Klang and Playhouse labels. Fatty Folders will be released on September 12 via Dial Records.


1. How To Spread Lies
2. Lush Life Libido
3. Deo
4. Bahia Blues Bootcamp
5. The Improviser
6. Krautus
7. Rude Awakening
8. Song With Blue
9. Softice
10. Don’t Break My Heart
11. PianoPiano

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