Gretta Gunn – The Hunt review

Gretta Gunn - The Hunt
Gretta Gunn
The Hunt
Alphabet Set
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We had no idea who Gretta Gunn was before this record came across our desks; Alphabet Set, however, clearly realise they have a talent on their hands, with this being the first of four 10″s leading up to a full album release. “Bop” introduces us to the addictive sound of Ms Gunn, with thumping industrial synths swirling noisily while Gunn’s alluring vocals sit on top. The instrumentation, despite being raucous and abrasive, works brilliantly with Gunn’s voice, the end product sounding like a collaboration between Glass Candy and Factory Floor.

Flip over for the frenzied menace of “Metal”, which takes on less of a gilt-edged pop feel to the A Side, with gun-shot drum hits and droning synths dominating the soundscape as Gunn reverts to Blondie-style rap mode. It’s noisy and defiant, seemingly showcasing a darker side’s to Gunn’s sonic arsenal. “Drum Real”, meanwhile, exudes a similar electro-pop noir charm to the title track, with squelchy acid bass and the occasional echo-laden squeal from Gunn that would make Ida No¬† proud. All of this is wrapped in beautifully presented artwork which exudes a kind of smoky, classic charm, with Gunn taking on a Barbarella-esque sultry superhero persona on the cover. The record itself is a creamy white affair, suggesting Gunn is something of a vinyl fetishist. An impressive debut in every way – the bar has been set.

Aaron Coultate

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