How to use the Pioneer DJM-2000

Pioneer have posted a handy video which walks you through their whopping new mixer, the DJM-2000.

The mixer, first unveiled back in March, boasts a dizzying array of features, and Pioneer bod David Eserin helpfully takes you through its unique features and functionality.

There’s still no word on when the mixer will be on general sale, but you can keep in the loop by putting an email alert on the DJM-2000 here.

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  1. ^^Hahaha I don’t think Mr Obvious has a spec of creativity inside of him….
    All he thinks djing involves is playing records, and waving your arms around for the crowd… LoL

    Really sad How these so called old school Djs cant spin on discs or use FX.. and argue about doing so….
    Then u see them standing there with their ^^head down^^ trying to beat-match for 4-5 minutes of the track, then mixing it at the last minute… hahahaha

    For the record, I use 2 cdj2000s and the Djm2000. Play out gigs regulatory on the same equipment. Guess what my head is never down, and I am using every FX on the units and acknowledging the crowd..

  2. Wavatar Mr Obvious says:

    Who in their right mind would want to deal with all of this stuff? Whatever happened to bringing a few records to a gig or a laptop with tracks ready to go? Lastly, what is the minimum IQ required to use this thing? A DJ’s job is to hype and have fun with the crowd. It is not to have his head down the entire night wondering what button to press next. Just my opinion.

  3. Wavatar DJ Mario says:

    Way too much crap to remember. It looks awesome, but there’s too much going on.

  4. Gorgeous system, to say the least!!