BBC 6 Music petition online

The campaign to save BBC’s seemingly doomed digital station 6 Music has kicked into overdrive, with an online petition attracting nearly 60,000 signatures.

The petition aims to save 6 Music and the Asian Network from closure, in light of BBC director general Mark Thompson’s recent strategy review, which confirmed 6 Music listeners’ worst fears by recommending that the station should be closed at the end of 2011.

The digital station features Erol Alkan (above), Andrew Weatherall, Dave Pearce and Craig Charles amongst its presenters.

The review said 6 Music delivered “relatively few unique listeners to BBC radio”.

Do your bit and sign the petition here.

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  1. Wavatar maggie says:

    couldn’t beleive that finally we get a station that plays alternative and interesting music…please don’t let us suffer the commercial manufactured drivel we hear on other major stations…I don’t call it cuts I call it discrimination!

  2. Wavatar Laurence Ellison says:

    Not ‘alf, it’s about the only good radio station full stop!

  3. Wavatar Paul Robertson says:

    It’s about the only good BBC station!