Unique 3 featuring Adele Collins – Take This Love review

Unique 3 featuring Adele Collins – Take This Love review

Artist: Unique 3 featuring Adele Collins
Title: Take This Love
Label: Mutate
Genre: Breakbeat
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

True pioneers of the scene, Unique 3 have been involved in all aspects of British underground dance music since the early 80s. They even claim to be the first dance act to ever sample the Amen break, which puts them at the front of a long, long line of artists. Through hip-hop and house, they’ve inspired the Chemicals through to Goldie, and their classic “The Theme” was voted the Hacienda’s Number 1 anthem EVER by the Manchester club’s DJ alumni

This latest release sees them paired up with vocalist Adele Collins and it’s a tasty slice of Breakbeat joy with some nice gurgling acid synths that will remind listeners of the old-skool days. It’s poppy enough to work in a variety of different sets, but there also are a host of remixes to choose from, many of which are done within the Mutate family. Si Begg for example comes in with a storming mix, with some seriously tight and dynamic production that shows he’s at the top of his game right now. The Underpass Re-Route goes for a slightly softer approach, putting the vocals right out front and giving them a diva-ish feel, nicely backed up by some retro drum machine sounds.

Anyone familiar with Cakeboy’s full frontal live set’s will know what to expect from his mix, while other mixes by Milanese, Jedeye and Monstr round off this EP nicely. Well worth checking them all out.

Review: Oliver Keens

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