Hear desert noir queen Marianne Dissard & Terry Edwards’ sultry lockdown overhaul of Richie Valens’ ‘Come On, Let’s Go!’

Terry Edwards of PJ Harvey’s band guests on the sultry rendition of 50s classic

PHOTO (Square)_Marianne_Dissard-by-Cynthia_Karalla

Marianne Dissard, the self-styled ‘queen of desert noir’ and Terry Edwards, most famed for his role in PJ Harvey‘s current band, have unleashed their hot under the collar version of ‘Come On, Let’s Go!’ by doomed 50s rock ‘n’ roll hero Richie Valens.

Dissard, known for her French language contributions to tracks by Arizona acts like Calexico and Giant Sand, has switched to English for a series of covers which are being released as singles, leading up to an album in early summer 2021.

As well as the unique sax style of Edwards – who also featured in Gallon Drunk, The Higsons and as a prolific solo artist – Dissard enlisted producer and percussionist Raphael Mann (Sugarcane /Art Terry/Lunatraktors). As Raphael says of ‘Come On, Let’s Go!’: “It’s a song about wanting to fuck someone…” while Marianne adds: “. . . fuck someone during a pandemic.”

The single is set for release on January 15.