New entry-level DJ headphones on the way from Pioneer

The HDJ-CUE1s are customisable with a range of coloured ear pads and cables.

Pioneer have announced a new entry-level DJ headphone, the HDJ-CUE1. With an RRP of £59 for the standard black or silver version, the CUE1s are pitched at a nicely affordable price point. Accessory packs priced with an RRP of £27 allow you to change the ear pads and cables to red, yellow, green, blue or pink for a splash of colour.

Despite their low price, the CUE1s are proper DJ headphones, with punchy sound, good isolation and features like swivelling ear cups drawn from Pioneer’s more expensive models.

A Bluetooth-enabled version, the HDJ-CUE1BT, will also be available.

The Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 is expected to arrive in the next couple of weeks, with an RRP of £59. Scroll down for more photos or click here to read our recent review of the excellent Sennheiser HD25 Light.

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