Perseus Traxx – Circuit Control: The Crystal Issue Cycle 2

Why has the Roland 303 enjoyed such enduring appeal? For a sound that started off as a mistake, it certainly has enjoyed longevity, and this can’t just be down to its association with chemical consumption. Indeed, every few years, acid enjoys a resurgence in popularity and right now we’re in the middle of a 303 revival, with countless releases referencing the flash point in house music history when a small group of Chicago producers started toying with the Roland.

Perseus Traxx - Circuit Control: The Crystal Issue Cycle 2
Perseus Traxx
Circuit Control: The Crystal Issue Cycle 2
Solar One Holland
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That it has led to many questionable releases that add nothing to its long history is lamentable, but it also serves to cast a spotlight on its wide-ranging appeal. One of the more talented acid-loving producers is UK artist Perseus Traxx. While it’s true that his music isn’t innovative or provides any startling revelations, he nonetheless excels at providing a contemporary slant on classic acid trax. “Circuit Control” is a good example of this: the stacatto drums are fused with sharp thunder claps and these elements provide a basis for a gurgling 303 line that is filtered, warped and then brought back to its starting point. It’s simple, straightforward classic dance music that doesn’t sound overly processed.

On “Fresh Start”, Perseus Traxx puts his love of the more deranged visceral 303 lines that have become his stock in trade on hold. The drums are dubby and build every few bars, a synth line warbles innocently, and when the acidic bass kicks in, it’s resonant to begin with before warbling along to a ponderous vocal. If “Circuit Control” is Perseus Traxx’s modern vision of Phuture, then “Fresh Start” is his interpretation of Adonis and Larry Heard’s soulful approach. It may be 30 years old, but thanks to the input of producers like Perseus Traxx, the 303’s timeless sound is sure to endure.

Richard Brophy


A1. Circuit Control
A2. Fresh Start