Watch: EDMX – Cereberus

Milo Smee’s Power Vacuum label, known equally for its incendiary approach to the art of electronic music and its eloquent approach to the art of the press release, charges towards its second release with EDMX at the helm.

You might know him as DMX Krew or Ed DMX or Bass Potato or various other names but invariably you will have heard some material from the veteran Breaking Records boss over the years and his forthcoming EP for Power Vacuum is quite rightly described as “his heaviest and darkest moments to date.” A video for the relentlessly pounding “Cereberus” has arrived, revealing some of the analogue intricacies that went into programming a track that “belches out of the night like a shotgun blast to the face.”

Power Vacuum will release Cereberus by EDMX on July 16.