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Petar Dundov – Ideas From The Pond review

Of the producers who emerged during the heady days of the 90s, few have continued to release great music. In fact, apart from Luke Slater, Regis and Neil Landstrumm, the passage of time has led to them following rather than setting trends. There are too many examples of once distinctive artists going down the big room minimal route to document here. In other instances, age has led to a ‘mellowing out’ process that leads to not a deeper sound but in reality bland factory-line fodder. While Petar Dundov’s latest album is certainly more laid-back than the storming intensity of his Brother’s Yard releases, he hasn’t sacrificed creativity, ideas or imagination in the process.

Admittedly, the Croatian’s 2010 single for Music Man, “Distant Shores”, also included here, did edge close to mainstream Ibiza dance music, but it did so with an irresistible flair and panache and an understanding of what used to be popular on the White Island, its pulsing electronic bassline supporting synth solos that verge on the psychedelic. Although it largely eschews the dance floor, the rest of Ideas From The Pond resonates with a similar sense of history. The title track is a perfectly weighted, sun-kissed ambient affair, its melody swirling gently over lazy mid-tempo beats that were made for Cafe Del Mar. “Together” provides the missing link between Leftfield at their most introspective –  think the alternate versions of “Song Of Life”  – and Vangelis, as synths swell and ebb majestically and it’s crying out to soundtrack a movie. Speaking of films, it sounds like Dundov immersed himself in soundtracks during the recording process; “Around One” and “Tetra Float” are wonderfully atmospheric compositions, with spine-tingling keys and spacey melodies realised with a warm, soft-focus production touch. Unlike many of his peers, Ideas From The Pond shows that Dundov is not treading water and has grown older, wiser and more creative.

Richard Brophy


1. Ideas From The Pond
2. Silent Visitor
3. Distant Shores
4. Brownian Interplay
5. Together
6. Around One
7. Tetra Float