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Ma Spaventi/Aroy Dee – Wrecking/Mr Floyd review

There’s something strangely appealing about M>O>S Deep releasing music on a 10” record; the compact size and the neat packaging are complemented by the fact that each piece of music is so stripped down, raw and full of sub-bass that they can barely press it onto such a small and lovable piece of wax. And in keeping with releases from 2AM/FM and D’Marc Cantu, the tenth release for M>O>S Deep – a split EP with Ma Spaventi and label boss Aroy Dee – features two tracks packed with so much raw power that the grooves struggle to tie them down.

The record opens with Spaventi’s “Wrecking”, a stripped down track consisting almost solely of growling acid lines. The whole piece of music seemingly hangs on a menacing and aggressive 303 workout set at a snail’s pace and interspersed with crisp hi-hats and a kick drum soaked in reverb. It’s Spaventi’s use of texture that really keeps this jam moving. Random expulsions of noxious gas creep out from beneath this pounding, dance floor burner, transporting its listener deep into the core of the planet, where each new noise signals danger, and every step takes you deeper into a bubbling pit of black lava.

Aroy Dee provides balance with the flipside and his peculiarly titled “Mr Floyd”. In typical Dee style the track features an unending parade of blissed out pads, gentle textures and layer upon layer of deep house. It gently nudges you along, revealing more depth with each passing minute, allowing the full-bodied percussion to gently build the tension before it melts to nothing amongst his perpetually translucent synth work. The record is a great representation of the label itself, and really captures the two aesthetics that encompass M>O>S Deep; raw, rugged and outward-facing box jams, and touching, soulful and deeply introspective house music.

Frank Mitchell


1. Ma Spaventi – Wrecking
2. Aroy Dee – Mr Floyd