Dadub – Way to Moksha review

For an act that had only a few releases to its credit so far, Dadub sound strangely familiar. That’s because the Italian duo behind the project, Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, have been responsible for the mastering, production and engineering on the Stroboscopic Artefacts label. So even if their names don’t have household status in techno, their work does, and they have played a huge role in contributing to the label’s mixture of dub, broken beat and bassy techno. It is also worth noting that they have worked on the Dadub project for four years, and rather than rushing out music so as to gain recognition, they have taken their time to develop the project’s output to a fully-formed level.

Both of these factors, as well as their love of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, are audible on Moksha. Cavernous textures loom in the foreground on “Perseverance” and “Moksha”, but instead of sounding like they are trapped 20,000 fathoms below sea level, the skittish off beats and wiry rhythms lend them some dance floor resonance. Despite this, it would be hard to find a peak-time club that would champion “Beyond the Veil” or “Temptation of Maya”. Both evolve gradually and teasingly, with layer upon layer of sounds and textures flowing over twisted, mid-paced rhythms. Like a more reflective version of the Monad series, Way to Moksha is horizontal techno at its finest.

Richard Brophy