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Throwing Snow – Too Polite review

Having garnered some deserved attention this year with releases for Sneaker Social Club and Super, Ross Tones rounds things off with a surprising change of tact as he rocks up to Local Action. Where his previous eclectic beat outings had leant towards an almost techno sensibility, the bombastic synths of ‘Pyre’ come from a very different headspace altogether.

The production shimmers on both “Pyre” and “Equuelus”, as clean UK Funky inspired beats do their thing quietly in the mix while the melodies rule the day. These two tracks also feature the vocal strains of a heavily processed Augustus Ghost, whose haunted wails add a poppy tint to the soft and gentle electronic backdrop. While the craftsmanship that has gone into the tracks is not to be dismissed, there’s an almost bland feeling to the music that other Throwing Snow output has not suffered from. That is, until you reach ‘Too Polite’.

In an instant the rugged manhandling of various samples feels more exciting than the ponderous orchestrations of the first two tracks. The tempo is up, certainly, but by the time the intro break falls away to some monstrous D&B bass stabs, you’re completely submitted to the track. Moving between a juke segment and then slamming into a junglistic breakbeat workout, the energy never lets up even as a more melancholic pad comes in for the climax.

It’s no bad thing to see Throwing Snow spreading his wings, even if the results aren’t always sure fire winners. The self-imposed creative freedom he operates with clearly has its perks, as ably demonstrated by the devastating vitality of ‘Too Polite’. The EP is worth it for that track alone.

Oli Warwick