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Adalberto/Fatjack – House Party/Acidicted review

Big props to Automatik Datamatik for launching the Acidicted offshoot so they can circumnavigate their no repress policy. The first ultra limited release sees the two sides of Automatik stalwart Fatjack’s sonic personality slapped either side of a twelve inch. Everything about this release will delight fans of the acid sound.

Across the A Side there is a belated chance to indulge again in the three Fatjack tracks that made up his 2009 Acidicted EP. The results of his sonic explorations into melding the TB303 with the 707, 808 and 909, there’s naturally a raw simplicity that runs through all three tracks, though the uneasy elastic sensation that is central to “Time For Jack” still sounds particularly potent.

On the flip you get the tracks which formed Adalberto’s House Party 12″ – originally released earlier this year, it has proved to be one of the label’s most popular releases to date. If you’re not of a cynical nature, then press release gospel informs us the three tracks are the glorious result of house party somewhere outside Chicago that eked out way past the weekend. “Let Love Come Home” is a heady combination of analogue bass, striking synth stabs and brilliant male diva vocals over rasping kick drums. “House To Houze” is jacking acid house music at its most simplistic and schizophrenically finest, whilst “The Dance” combines an ESG style punk funk strut with layers of retro house keys.

As with all releases from the Automatik Datamatik camp, it’s the presentation makes it that little bit more special though, with the 200 copies pressed up either on a viciously lysergic clear yellow vinyl or a muggy melding of black and yellow marbled wax. Factor in the acid splayed TB303 artwork that adorns the cover and you have our nomination for twelve inch of the week!

Tony Poland