Boddika – Electron review

Ever since the news broke that Instra:mental’s Alex Green was to take on the guise of Boddika for his slower tempo, house and electro style productions, we’ve been foaming at the mouth with fevered anticipation. Last October, his 130bpm outing on Naked Lunch – “Boddika’s House/Syn Cron” – and his recent appearance on Benji B’s Radio One show, coupled with his recent mix for the Boiler Room, gave a glimpse into what to expect from this release on Loefah’s Swamp 81 imprint.

Dominated by 808 drum machines and pulsing rhythms, yet maintaining that sleek classiness and delicacy that shapes his work with production partner Damon (Kid Drama) as Instra:mental, Boddika really lives up to the high expectation bequeathed upon him here in both “Electron” and “Underground”. Whilst “Electron” is the rather more frenetically patterned, ever so slightly aggressive and insatiable track of the pair, after a few listens you will be enveloped by the driving groove, with beats pattering around like the dots of an impressionist paintbrush before a heavy drum kick and atmospheric pressure re-sets the tone. “Underground” continues in a similar vein, dark and brooding, coloured with cowbells and droning arpeggiated synths. It’s a contemplative cut and more of a 3am draw, but just as powerful in its own right. Superbly crafted, intricate artwork by Ashes 57 seals the deal and makes this a must buy for vinyl collectors and music lovers alike.

Belinda Rowse