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Geeeman – Rubberband2 review

Clone’s Jack For Daze have really flattened our ear drums with some choice cuts from Mike Dunn and Harmony Funk this year and the label maintains this retro futuristic angle of simultaneously destroying and pleasing our hearing with three dusted jackathons from the elusive and mysterious Geeeman which display just the right grasp of demented dancefloor dynamics.

A Side thriller “Rubberband2” ploughs deep into Chicago’s dancefloor history, twisting and stretching a metallic synth melody around a psychedelic rhythmic pulse of thudding beats, deep one note key stabs and worming spinal effects. The breakdown that splays searing white noise meltdown across your senses will be devastating in the correct environment – i.e. dark sweat drenched warehouse spaces at 3am on a Sunday morning.

Geeeman crams just as much raw gratification onto the B Side though; “Ghost” for example melds loose Theo Parrish-style percussion with a crunchy beat and acid squiggle melodies that fracture with supernatural intent before locking into a defiantly relentless groove which battles for your attentions with the aforementioned acidic qualities.

Complementing this is “Computer Jackin”, a track centred on the kind of bass drum pattern conjured with the specific intention of throbbing at the inner core of your brain. The accompanying metallic hiss of hats and reverberant grainy rhythms draw you in before Geeeman drops yet more all encompassing acid melody overtones. Another win for the Jack For Daze guys!

Tony Poland