Discodeine – Extended EP review

Amidst the swathe of lists that inevitably clutter up the internet each and every year, a category rising in the popularity stakes seems to be the worst artwork, which is fair enough as there’s plenty of fuel for the fire (Beatfanatic has been high in on the list at Juno Plus HQ).

As admirers of the arts though, we’d rather concentrate on beauty than horror though and Gallic label D-I-R-T-Y make a fashionably late play for the affections of vinyl fetishists across the world with this Extended EP from Discodeine. Arriving in a ten inch sleeve which is covered in some decidedly spectral artwork – a illustrative rendition of The Divine Comedy by Gustav Dore for the less culturally enlightened – the vinyl itself is adorned in the most attractively electric of blue colours.

The music proves to be just as aesthetically pleasing with extended versions of the duo’s collaborations with two feted musicians adorning both sides. The A Side sees “Synchronised” – the gloriously orchestral collaboration with Jarvis Cocker – stretched to fit, making this release the more bespoke, attractive alternative to the comparatively plain edition released by DFA last month.

This is complemented by an extended version of “Singular” which features the hushed tones of Comeme boss Matias Aguayo, exclusive to this ten inch which marks it as a highly collectable and a suitably delectable aperitif before the main course of Discodeine’s debut album which gets served up in February.

Tony Poland