Marco Bernardi – Broken Silences/Innocence Of Pleasure review

Usually it’s a cause for concern when an electronic music producer is prolific, and invariably it means one of two things. Either they have stumbled across a defined sound and want to milk it to the nth degree, or have been cast into the spotlight and need to make greatest use of their temporary, fleeting fame. In Marco Bernardi’s case, neither is true. Granted, the Glaswegian producer does release a lot of music, but it never sounds samey – and anyway, his chosen sounds, pulsing electro and deep techno born in Detroit and brought up in Glasgow, is hardly flavour of the month material. Despite this, it’s hard not to get the feeling that “Innocence” was written and arranged with greater care and love than most contemporary releases. Bernardi’s analogue approach is audible throughout, and while the title track is characterised by dreamy melodies and saccharine hooks, underpinning the musical elements are raw, rolling drums. Similarly on “Broken Silences”, Bernardi’s synths conjure up an eerily melodic soundscape, but once again, the shuffle of clipped beats ensures that the production is steely and dance floor friendly. If this is what being prolific is about, then the more the merrier.

Richard Brophy