Woolfy – Looking Glass review

Woolfy’s debut solo album If You Know What’s Good For Ya! released collectively between New York’s disco titans Rong and DFA last year was filled to the brim with under appreciated gems. “Looking Glass” perhaps stood tallest and demanded your attention most; mercilessly short for electronic music at just under four minutes, it packed enough potent synth drama and lyrical wistfulness to demand repeat listens. A two minute burst of golf claps to DFA for allowing Woolfy the chance to revisit the track and expand upon its qualities is certainly in order.

Inherently warmer in feel, Woolfy’s ‘expanded version’ also allows prominence for the bontempi style synth melody to shine. This element is discarded altogether by rising British DJ/ Producer Foolish Felix aka Felix Dickinson, of London’s excellent Bad Passion Project monthlies, on a remix that begins all acid house before a swift French Kiss tempo breakdown marks the onset of something wholly more psychedelic. Expanding on this psychedelic hue, Australian duo Canyons provide perhaps the most richly rewarding version to close proceedings. Beginning with a tapestry of acoustics and gentle piano melodies, the remix gradually accrues pace, with a subtle beat that never imposes itself. Woolfy’s distinct vocal refrain becomes ever more poignant it as it is drowned in vast echo.

Tony Poland