Gary Beck – Consumed remixes review

It’s a measure of the esteem in which Scottish producer Gary Beck is held that he has managed to attract not one but two of techno’s most seminal talents for this remix package. Long-serving artist Mark Broom is going through something of a renaissance period; as his recent Acid House album for Saved showed, Broom has put the purist sounds of Pure Plastic on hold and is making more party-based material. Unsurprisingly, he brings this approach to his version of “Consumed”, based on a rolling rhythm and deep filters that build to an effective and somewhat epic climax, Broom’s remix also has sharp jacking beats to ensure that it doesn’t end up like a light version of his King of Snakes material. Speedy J aka Jochem Paap is also in fine form. The Dutch producer’s first take features rolling house beats, but allaying any doubts that he is mellowing out, he drops searing, razor-sharp percussion and waves of jagged metallic hi-hats. Paap’s ‘Straight Faced Dub’ is also sure to cause chaos: based on a woozy filter and a quaking, evil bass, the fact that it doesn’t slam the listener into submission with a fast tempo makes its intense, low-end approach all the more effective.

Richard Brophy